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There are several reasons why someone would want a will.  The first is to basically say "who gets what" when you die.  If you die without a will, the courts will determine this in accordance with state law; a situation most people would not prefer.  The second reason for a will is to more easily facilitate the process of transferring your assets to your proposed beneficiaries.  This process refers to the probate of your estate.  A well written will (and estate plan) can minimize the complications and expense around this process.  Lastly, a will (and estate plan) can be used to minimize the taxes that will be due to the government when you pass away.

The problem we see all too often is where mom or dad did not have a plan in place and it leads to a variety of problems for the survivors.  Often it will lead to burdens of time and expense on the survivors, and it can cause strife among the survivors.  To minimize these potential complications, it is a good idea to sit down with an attorney and draw out an estate plan.

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