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Are you in tax trouble?

If you have past due taxes to the IRS or local Department of Revenue, you may qualify for certain forms of relief that can reduce the liability, eliminate penalties, or put collections activities on hold.  These programs are not automatic, however, so be careful when someone says they can "settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar."  The programs offered are Offer in Compromise and Currently Non-Collectible.  The Offer in Compromise (OIC) program is one where the government will be willing to discuss settling for something other than the full amount due.  The Currently Non-Collectible (CNC) program is where the government just agrees to leave you alone while you sort out your financial issues.  The IRS has issued a pronouncement warning taxpayers of unscrupulous companies that are overselling these programs and their availability.  Before agreeing to write a check to anyone offering to help you qualify for these programs, ask that they explain the likelihood of getting the relief promised, then consider getting a second opinion.

At Haag Law Offices, P.A. we can assess your likelihood of getting relief free of charge before moving forward with a formal engagement.  We have over 20 years of experience in tax law, including prior experience working for the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  We pride ourselves on providing quality services to clients, and prefer to not charge a fee unless we truly believe we can help.

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